Multicolumn got superseded by gridelements

03. Februar 2014 von Adrian Dymorz Veröffentlicht unter TYPO3 Website, Intranet & Extensions

multicolumn screenshot
Three months ago we announced that we would not continue the development on multicolumn and we are looking for persons interested in continuing development on multicolumn. We did not find a developer which was interested and thus decided to mark the extension multicolumn as obsolete.

For adding multiple columns to TYPO3 please use the extension gridelements. If you have problems migrating your data from multicolumn to gridelements, please leave a comment or send an email.

In case you are interested in continuing development on multicolumn, let us know!

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2 Gedanken zu “Multicolumn got superseded by gridelements

  1. Hi everyone,

    Good news, the newest repo version of Multiple Columns DOES run on TYPO3 versions through 6.1.99
    and there seems to be a patch for 6.2 beta3 compatibility which may work for the final, since it calls the new classes for 6.2 and above. Someone should test this though and reply to the post.
    So no need to switch just yet, but for new sites using gridelements is a good idea. Cheers

  2. Thanks Andy for the hint about this one! You can use the jfmulticontent
    extension instead. For this set up a system folder and place the contents inside there, then go for the multiple columns options. It works for both 4.3 installs and newer 6.2 LTS 🙂