todoyu Usability Project with the University of Oulu, Finland

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We are very happy to announce that a project team from the Department of Information Processing Science in the University of Oulu, Finland, has started a usability project of open source software with todoyu. Tuomo Ruottinen is leading a team consisting of 4 Master students that are currently studying usability testing. There’s also a fifth Member available for testing efforts:

  • Tuomo Ruottinen, Oulu Team Leader
  • Deepak K.C., Oulu Team-Member
  • Hana Kebede, Oulu Team-Member
  • Matthew I. Barth, Oulu Team-Member
  • Siqi Fu, Oulu Team-Member

The Timing of this project for snowflake and todoyu is just perfect. We just launched a very powerful new version of todoyu, the 2.3 version. With this version some new powerful extensions such as Resource Management or Mail-to-Project already have been released and others are up to come very soon. The planning for the next Release is already in progress and since UI and Usability will be the main topics of 2.4, the Oulu Usability Project fits perfect into this planning.

University of Oulu/Finland

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The Project Team will have the goal to contribute to the development of todoyu through usability activities and implementation that improve the usability of the software. The project team has previous experience in todoyu, expertise in usability heuristics, testing and evaluation, needed programming skills and also a usability testing lab available to do the testing in.

The project is currently in a testing and analyzing phase also the heuristic evaluation is ongoing and gives recommendations for improvements and UI (re)design suggestions.

The deadline of the project is 15th of May, it will have have a lasting impact to the todoyu community in the sense of raising interest in usability and spread knowledge and experience for the future development of the software.

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